sustainability and philanthropy

Sustainability & Philanthropy

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” -Muhammad Ali

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Green Act

The more invested we are in the future, the more we realize how the past decades have made a colossal impact on the environment and, extremely harmful changes are befalling all of us at warp speed. Be it global warming, climate change, pollution or the effects of greenhouse gas, the issues have become universal and predominantly caused by human activities that are responsible for abusing natural resources, excessive consumption of energy, water and generating carbon emissions. Delving into the crux of the matters and wondering how to eradicate such prevailing affairs are seemingly overwhelming, but we believe making a change one step at a time is like an avalanche that starts with one pebble or growing a forest with one seed. All it takes is one step to make someone inspire and envision the bigger picture.

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Saving Our Planet

Saving the planet is the need of the hour. Biodiversity – the rich diversity of life on Earth – is being lost at an alarming rate and the time is nigh for us to take responsibility and leave a greener planet for future generations to experience. We believe by engaging in responsible travel, we are ethically pledged to protect the planet and its inhabitants. This also mirrors the impact our travels have on the environment, culture, humanity and wildlife otherwise caring for the very essence that lures us to travel at all.

By adopting best practices for conscious travel, we hope to expand on our mission of reducing our carbon footprint, adopting clean energy practices and promoting environmental conservation and overall a sustainable tourism model without compromising on the quality of experience offered to our guests.

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The commitment we portray through Tropiculture goes well beyond crafting sustainable and bespoke holiday plans for our travellers. For we believe in the importance of building a better future through lives, communities and the environment we cohabit. We aim to recognize communities that need our help the most and direct them towards development and growth by lending a hand. Through such initiatives, we hope to empower the communities in ways that they develop confidence and resoluteness, fostering long-term social and economic stability. From all initiatives that came into effect, our project to strengthen the rural education system is the one closest to our hearts because of our focus on aiding the children in need of proper education facilities.

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At Tropiculture, we aim to directly contribute to several philanthropic projects throughout the island that supports humanitarian and sustainability causes, identifying new opportunities in the places we visit, seeking out projects that provide real and long-term opportunities for people to improve their lives through jobs, education and entrepreneurship.

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Supporting Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. It transforms human life by imposing knowledge into every aspect of life. A wealth that is more valuable than all wealth, we believe education is the key to unlocking the golden door of freedom and opportunities.

The adversities we face presently is the unequal distribution of learning resources and inadequate facilities among the rural communities of Sri Lanka. The inability to support basic requirements for children in rural schools have led to limited educational opportunities for those underprivileged school children hence, as a result restraining them of their basic human rights and skills.

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Stewart Udall – an advocate for the planet earth once said, “Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact, plans to protect man”. Indeed, the need of the hour is high for us to deform the cataclysmic reality staring at us in the face. Climate change is an important, current and ongoing issue primarily caused by human activities that need to be acknowledged on a larger scale and effectively actioned upon. Although The concept of “sustainable tourism” was formed relatively recently, along with the global concept of sustainable human development, we have yet a long way to go for achieving the core motives in an otherwise broader idealogy it stands for. To put it concisely, sustainable tourism ensures that the environment will not be impacted by the arrivals of tourists and the economic development of places and communities, giving them a boost. It contributes to the introduction and propagation of new, higher standards of service and, consequently, improves the quality of people’s lives.

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