discover Sri Lanka

Discover Sri Lanka

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Taylor-Made Tours

Tropical Expertise

Trust in our experts to know the destination inside out. Living and working in Sri Lanka, we know all the best experiences to offer, experience main attractions in Sri Lanka in an alternative light and introduce you to hidden gems often overlooked. Since we do not believe in nondescript travel plans, we love investing time to understand your travel requirements, likes and dislikes. Our team of experts have impeccable knowledge of how things flow in Sri Lanka and how best to execute your dream trip. Since we start the conversation on a blank slate, with your ideas and suggestions, you can trust us to design a holiday of your dreams and exactly the way it is.

Friendships Along The Way

When you travel with us, you will feel every person involved in your trip directly or indirectly pours their heart and soul into it, turning even the humblest of events into unforgettable memories. People you may meet along the way aren't just our associates; they are our friends. It may as well be a market vendor who's sharing his life story to a village lady who welcomes you into her kitchen to a well-known tea expert sharing his knowledge of the history of Sri Lankan tea. The relationships we make along the way are invaluable and, it is what allows us to give you a local experience in its most unfiltered forms.

Your Stay, Your Way

We are known for our modus operandi of only representing properties we know and love. It's in our DNA to go great lengths to discover hotels and villas that adorn unique expressions of the destinations you visit. Our travel experts love opting for places with character, style, sophistication with a hint of tropical flair. While we make it a priority to present you with a selection of properties we recommend, rest assured they come with our full and honest endorsement.

We love planning a perfect and polished trip, be that as may, there’s always room for pleasant surprises and, they are the simple pleasures that you enjoy the most that are unplanned for.

With Us, You are Safe

Travelling in a post-covid era may still raise concerns and even travelling to destinations with a low population and lower health risks. While we are confident let you know that Sri Lanka with the support of the local government has made a significant recovery by taking rapid proactive measures to stop the spread of the virus thus being recognised as one of the best destinations to visit post-covid travel.

While our island continues to make a full recovery and progress on vaccination drives, at Tropiculture we have implemented a few of our own safety guidelines and protocols in the interest of our travellers' wellbeing. Under our current initiatives, we are focusing on awareness and training sessions amongst our Drivers and Chauffeur Guides on performing tours within the established guidelines.

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Cultural Perspectives

Delve deeper into the vibrant cultures, history and traditions of the teardrop isle in the Indian Ocean. Transcend on a journey from past to present, our cultural tour of Sri Lanka is for those who wish to explore the magical beauty of Sri Lanka in its most abundant and pristine form.

Picture the magnificence of the ancient civilizations and the kingdoms built out of brick and stone. From studying the architectural marvels of Polonnaruwa to taking a stroll through the ruins of the first ancient city Anuradhapura; visiting Dambulla’s 2000 years old cave complex to climbing the mesmerising Sigiriya Rock Fortress - UNESCO’s eighth wonder of the world or perhaps exploring the otherworldly technicoloured gods at one of the most significant Hindu temples in the North to the 17th century Dutch Fort in Galle to the south, the sublime isle of Sri Lanka rings with a galore of ethereal charm and character for its visitors to adventure.

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People & Festivals

The unearthly magnetism of the pearl of the Indian Ocean has been a fascination for many travellers through centuries. At Tropiculture, we understand the alluring aspects of this island doesn’t always belong to its illustrious history, heritage or nature but also attributes to the people and their way of life. As a result of being dipped in a wealth of cultural influences, Sri Lanka displays a flourishing example of being ethnically diverse, thus emerging with a unique identity for our visitors to experience during their travels in Sri Lanka.

Through this itinerary, let us take you on a journey where we highlight the social magnetism of our teardrop island by encountering the faces behind our cultural legacy that makes up the soul of our island truly unique.

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Adventure & Adrenaline

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean is a dream destination for any adrenaline and adventure buff who’s waiting to explore the most thrill-seeking activities that our island has in store. From stunning hiking trails to exploring the depths of legendary caves and caverns, Sri Lanka beckons those with itchy feet to explore and engage in the most invigorating experiences spread across the island. Whether you’re packed to go on a safari or go rafting down white water rapids in Kithulgala, Sri Lanka ticks all the boxes for a holiday packed with a multitude of diverse adventures.

And what's more, travelling around Sri Lanka is a relatively easy experience that doesn't require a lot of time on the road. From soaking the glory of ancient citadels to basking in the sights of cascading waterfalls, visitors can travel from destination to destination with mile a minute to enrapture the best of the island within a number of days.

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Sri Lanka Through Your Lenses

Tropical beaches, ancient fortresses, mountain peaks that reach up to 8000 ft., oodles of elephants, rivers that run deep, lush rainforests, monsoon rains and stunning landscapes are the beating heart and soul of this beautiful island nation. When the sun rises from the east, life peaks from a diversity of plants and animals unveiling a version of abundance on this tropical island. This is not the only remarkable aspect that makes Sri Lanka unique. It is also the people. From quaint villages to big cities, our lives are assembled from an extraordinary cocktail of cultures and traditions that has since been passed on from one generation to the next. An island built on top of ancient cultures is also rooted in a glowing history that unfolds as far as 3000 years.

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Destination Sri Lanka

~ Salt of the Earth ~

Sri Lanka, a land of both paradise and paradox, is ornate with diverse cultures, a magnitude of magical vistas and epochal histories. From backcountry rivers to big city harbours, whether you want to explore the depths of the country’s culture, religions, heritage or perhaps get lost in the sense of wondrous adventure, Sri Lanka is a place that differs from other island destinations in its tropicality and otherworldliness. Here, you are greeted with gentle smiles of the islanders, transported from past to present through its timeless ruins, soft sandy beaches often untrodden, verdant tea plantations, lush rainforest lands and a rich heritage manifested through multi-ethnicities.

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Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon is a tropical island oasis that captures the heart of every traveller who visits year-round. Blessed with a diversity of all manners, from outdoor adventures, spiritual retreats, culture and lifestyle experiences, exhilarating game drive experiences - Sri Lanka offers much variety for those willing to scratch beneath the surface. Whether you have a few days to spare or even weeks, the island offers unique experiences any time of the year and a chance to immerse yourself in the true essence of our people, lifestyles, culture and customs.

In the past, waves of influences have poured on the shores of ancient Ceylon from the North bringing with them their language, their cuisine, their technology and art and above all, their religion. As a result, present-day Sri Lanka is inherently a rich cocktail of many cultures and traditions that have influenced Sri Lanka since time immemorial.

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Culture & Lifestyles

~ The Islanders ~

“Sri Lanka is a brilliant concoction of cultures and traditions embedded in its glorious vibrations of history”

Sri Lankans are incredibly warm and friendly, and bright smiles are a way of indicating the quiet and unpressured style of life that has been blessed to us as islanders. A tropical island culture fortified by its land’s resources through centuries has grown into a way of life of its people, and is most fascinating to experience.

Home to four different religions, Sri Lanka more often than not, is hailed for its possession of natural wonders and timeless ruins amongst many other striking characteristics. The heart and soul of the island, however, belong to its greatest emotional affluence - its people.

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Sri Lanka’s verdurous and diverse landscapes are phenomenal in ways that it has captured the hearts of many travellers through millennia. With lush and plentiful ecosystems bestowed upon invigorating rainforests, cloud kissed mountains, trickling waterfalls and abundant wildlife, our island stands as a true testament to being one of the most iconic and less explored regions of the Indian Ocean.

The greatest influences of our island aren't just fascinating cultures, impressive architecture or ruined cities, but also the wealth of its teeming blue coral oceans and tranquil beaches subject to an assortment of hymns by poets and artists over decades. Indeed our bounteous landscapes are a worthy competitor to all other striking features of the island and, rightly so.

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